Pricing & Terms

New Members

To choose the best payment structure for you we have listed your options below.

1. Casual visit – $18 (paid per session)


2. 5 pack session card – $75 (5 group fitness sessions at $15 per session) **3 month expiry date**

3. 10 pack session card – $150 (10 group fitness sessions at $15 per session) **3 month expiry date**

Session cards MUST BE PAID IN FULL at the time of purchase.

Please Note – Once your 3-month expiry date is up sessions have EXPIRED. When you purchase your session card you will get an invoice emailed to you with proof of purchase and your 3 months will start from date of purchase.  



This is a great way to receive a big discount, also an advantage for those clients that find it difficult to pay for their sessions in a lump sum, allowing you to keep track of your payments.

All direct debit options below are available for either a period of 6 or 12 months.

Option 1
1 x session per week $15.00

Option 2
2 x sessions per week $27.00

Option 3
Unlimited sessions per week $37.00 

Direct debit terms and conditions

  • Direct debit payments can be made from your personal bank account with no fee or from your credit card (fee applies, 1.99% of the total amount)​.

  • Once you sign up for direct debit you are locked in for the 6-12 month period, if for any reason you have to break this contract early you can pay an exit fee of $100.

  • If you are severely sick or injured and are unable to participate in classes you are required to supply a doctors certificate to break your contract. In this case you will not be required to pay the exit fee of $100.​

  • Payments can ONLY be PAUSED If you are away (out of the area) for 1 week or more and notify us at least 1 week in advance. This is done by filling in our direct debit PAUSE FORM at the studio. Payments will not be paused for any other casual reasons.

  • There is a once-off set up fee of $2.20 for all new members added to your first instalment and PLEASE NOTE there is a payer dishonour fee of $9.90 if your payment is due to come out and there is insufficient funds or wrong bank account details given.


Please contact Lauren for further details.


We’re pleased to inform you that our Studio uses Ezidebit for payment processing, session recording and notifications.

Ezidebit are one of Australia’s leading providers of automatic payment products. You can be assured that you are dealing with a highly professional team at Ezidebit, and for your peace of mind here a just a few of the reasons why:

Ezidebit is Level 1 PCI Compliant, and that ensures the highest standards of security possible for the storing, processing and transmitting of cardholder data.

  • Ezidebit is an Australian Financial Services Licensee (AFSL No. 315388)
  • Ezidebit has memberships of APCA (Australian Payments Clearing Association) and BECS (Bulk Electronic Clearance System).

Ezidebit enables us to operate with a secure and very convenient method of taking payment and will be processing your automatic payments on our behalf from your nominated bank account or credit card. This is achieved by establishing a unique payment account for you.

What is a Payment Account?

Your payment account is a safe and highly secure online payment and direct debit authority.

Your payment account allows you to make safe, convenient payments to us without the need to carry cash with you, or hand over your credit card details every time you purchase products or services. Your payment account can be used directly with us or via our online store and online bookings schedule.

Payment Account Setup

Your payment account can be set up in 2 ways:

  1. (a)  we entered your details directly into our PTminder system on your personal account, or

  2. (b) You have the option to enter the details in yourself online when you make your first purchase.

Once set up there is a once off set up fee of $2.20 that will be charged on top of your first purchase made.

Please take in to consideration when setting up your payment account what bank details you choose.

If you set up your payment account with a credit card each time you make a purchase there will be a small fee of 1.99% of the total amount processed that will be added on top of your purchase.

When setting up a payment account with a bank account you will not be charged any extra fees on top of your purchase.

A Special Note About Security

When creating a payment account, your financial information is NEVER stored by either PTminder or us. Moreover, your account information can NEVER be accessed or seen by PTminder or us.

Security is of the utmost importance to us, and your information is managed by our payment partner Ezidebit, who are an industry-leading payments provider.

For all payment options please tap on the button to purchase sessions through our online store.

PLEASE NOTE- You can not book a class without making payment first.

There will be a check-in system at each session for you to tap and check-in upon arrival.

Please arrive at sessions at least 5-10mins before the session starts.
This way you have time to check-in and we can make sure my sessions start on time. We don’t always stay at the location so if you arrive late we may have already left the location.

Bring a light towel and drink bottle with you also. Bookings are essential per session and it is important we know how many will be attending sessions at any one time. 

Please book via our online booking system.

If you have missed out on a spot then we have a cancellation list available online for all classes and you will be notified once a spot becomes available. 

We recommend booking classes in advance if you would like your permeant spot each week.

Cancellation & Reschedule Policy

Our timetable is subject to demand and may change at any time.                                

Bookings are essential. 

We require notice to cancel or reschedule a booking. 

For early morning bookings (e.g. 6:00am class) the cancellation cut-off is 10hrs before the class commences.

For mid morning bookings (e.g. 9:30am class) the cancellation cut-off is 3hrs before the class commences.

For evening bookings (e.g. 5:30pm class) the cancellation cut-off is 5hrs before the class commences.

If you fail to CANCEL before this time period a session will be deducted and you will be charged.

Serious circumstances will be taken into consideration. 

ALL cancellations are made online through your account on the PT minder app.               

Each month we will be announcing THE EPIC MEMBER OF THE MONTH. This will not necessarily be the fittest or fastest member, this could be for:

  • Commitment

  • Enthusiasm

  • Attendance

  • Motivation

  • Or purely based on the individual’s achievement.

The monthly winner will receive some awesome stuff for their achievement.

Any other questions? Don’t hesitate to contact Loz on 0417 237 739


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We’re looking forward to having you on board as part of our community.

Lauren and team 🙂